Site Status

November 10

Since deploying the new code on the most-visited pages, there has been only one brief outage (2 minutes) detected. The update will be applied to more pages in the coming weeks. Hopefully this will be the end of frequent/prolonged outages.

October 5 (PM)

Received a detailed response from the web host. Good news: They have identified the root cause of at least the most recent outage (hackers/bots), if not all of them since the site went live with them.

Bad news: The proposed solution will take a while to implement - which could mean more outages - and it could potentially affect the ability to quickly jump from page to page (e.g. from the season schedule page to the opponent series page) as well as link-sharing.

October 5 (AM)

Waiting for a response from the web host after another long outage yesterday. They want to analyze some of the database queries to identify why they get hung up, and they've made some changes on their side. But other than one recommendation for my other site, they haven't provided any other useful feedback yet.

September 27

Web host responded yesterday morning, but their message wasn't received until last night. Looks like everything has been running overnight. Will now wait to hear from them about this latest issue.

September 26

Site was down overnight. Waiting for a response from the web host.

September 15

Things have gone well through the first couple of weeks of the season. Only a couple of brief downtimes.

August 3

The site has been running on a new web host (based in Oklahoma) since mid-July. There was one instance the first week where the site/server got overloaded, but they're not sure why. I have taken some steps that they recommended, but the real test will be the first football game. There was a second disruption yesterday afternoon, but it only lasted about five minutes.

Hopefully there won't be any further problems, especially on game days. Although the first game should be uneventful on the field, it will be a white-knuckler for me. If you run into ANY issues before then, please contact me and give as much detail as possible.