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Important Site Upgrade Info

The switch of pages to the newer web technology and format that was introduced a few years ago is (obviously) still in progress. My goal is to have the most popular pages converted first and the rest as priorities and time permit. Until then you will see a mix of the old and new formats (my apologies in advance).

Please contact me if you run into any issues. Include the device and browser that you are using, and the page where the issue occurred.

Updated Page File Names

Part of this upgrade is a renaming of some of the page file names. This will affect any existing links on Wikipedia, news/blog articles, message boards, etc.

I will create redirects for the most-visited old pages so existing links don't break completely. However, since many of the links include specific variables (e.g. season, team), I may not be able to point to the exact page/view in the new format (Update: One early test of this has been successful).

Browser Compatibility

The new version of the web technology (Bootstrap) is a major upgrade and it does not support any browser prior to the following versions:

  • Chrome 60
  • Android 6
  • Safari 10
  • iOS Safari 10
  • Microsoft Edge Legacy (including all Internet Explorer versions)
  • Firefox 60

Full browser compatibility tables are available here.