1982 Baseball Roster

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# Player (24) Class Pos Ht Wt Hometown High School
Anglin, Mike
Baldwin, Mike
Barringer, Phil
Bates, Kevin
Carlton, Greg
Coleman, Steve
Cudjo, Richard
Day, Rex
Dean, Scott
Empting, Mike
Graham, Donnie
Hamilton, Keith
Hargrove, Kerry
Hendrick, David
Hinz, Bruce
Maschino, David
Mullen, Foster
Powell, Ty
Rodgers, Darrell
Russell, John
Searcy, Jay
Springer, Gary
Straight, Bob
Worchester, Brent

- Players with incomplete or no information on a completed roster indicates that the player was not in that season's media guide, the player walked on, the player was on the B/Junior Varsity squad, or that person was part of the team in some unconfirmed capacity.