1898 Football Season

2-0 Overall ▪ Vernon Parrington


Date   Opponent PF PA Attend OU: Rec Rk QB Opp: Rec Rk Conf Coach Season
11/17 A Arkansas City Town Team W 5 0 NA 0-0 NA NA -- NA Ind
11/28 H Fort Worth W 24 0 NA 1-0 NA NA -- NA NA
Totals 29 0 NA 0-0
Averages 15 0 NA 0%
Highs 24 0 NA
Lows 5 0 NA

Note: Starting QB research prior to the 2000s required some best guesses based on available win-loss data and/or newspaper game summaries (and some help from Ray Dozier of The Red Dirt Report and The Oklahoma Football Encyclopedia). Some of which conflicts with totals published by the university. If you have proof of a different starter, or starters before 1920, please contact me.